In My Feelings

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The model has the color 'THE ONLY ONE' 180g applied.

Product details:
  • Silicone-based webs with clips already sewn on.
  • Available in packages of 180 grams
  • Available in lengths of 45 cm

A set consists of 10 courses:

1 x 23 cm (4 clips)

3 x 17 cm (3 clips)

4 x 10 cm (2 clips)

2 x 5 cm (1 clip)

These extensions are made in a way that allows you to vary and to adapt your extensions to your hairstyle.


  • Hair Of Highest Quality . Seamless Hair Extensions consists of 100% genuine, Indian Remy hair and is what you call ” double drawn ”. The fact that it is real human hair means that it lasts longer, and that you can style it with, for example, a straightener. That it is double drawn (instead of singles drawn ) means that have reviewed one extra sorting in production where the shorter hairs have been sorted from so that the finished extension is evenly full from root to tip.


    • Touper your hair before applying the hair. This prevents the clips from slipping out.
    • Open the clips and attach them to your own hair
    • When using straighteners and curling irons, use a heat-protective spray.

    Other things

    For most customers, one package is enough. However, if you want super thick hair, we recommend that you buy 2 packs.