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Color match

The choice of color for your hair extensions is crucial to ensure that they match your natural hair and look natural.

Here are some steps you can follow:

1. Increase the brightness of your screen (computer, phone or tablet).

Although we strive to reproduce our hair colors as accurately as possible, screens on computers and phones cannot always show the colors completely correctly. Therefore, we recommend that you turn up the brightness of the screen you are using. This will significantly improve color reproduction.

2. Find your natural hair color.

We recommend that you look at your ends, as the transition between your own hair and your extensions is most obvious there.

3. Natural hair color or a completely new color

Consider whether you want to match your natural hair color or try a completely new color. You can also think about any color effects or highlights you'd like to add.

4. Visit our color match page

Our color chart shows all the different colors and color combinations, so you can easily find the shade that matches your own hair color as best as possible.

5. Send us a picture and get a professional assessment

Are you in doubt about the right color? We are here to help you. Just send a few photos of your hair where the entire hair is visible from root to tip. It is important that the photos are taken in natural daylight so that we can best assess the most suitable color for you.

DM the picture to our instagram:

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