How do I care for my hair extensions?

Hvordan plejer jeg mine hair extensions?

Although we have provided the absolute most delicious hair on the market, it requires care to keep extensions beautiful and well-groomed.
Below we have gathered information about caring for your hair.

To keep your hair extensions beautiful and healthy, it is important that they are supplied with plenty of moisture. This is done by using some good care products that can add the right amount of moisture and care to the hair. It is important to use a good shampoo, conditioner, hair treatment and a heat-protecting serum, which protects your hair extensions by blow-drying and straightening.

Guide to washing Clip-on extensions and Sleek Ponytail:

  1. Start by combing the hair through before you start washing it. An ordinary brush can be used, but e a wide-toothed comb / curling comb is recommended.
  2. Fill a tub or sink with lukewarm water and add a little shampoo in it. Feel free to use one shampoo for dry / damaged hair, without silicone.
  3. Foam the water up and take a single strand of hair at a time.
  4. Hold on to the top of the track where the clips sit and dip the hair in the water repeatedly until the hair has been washed through.
  5. Then take the other lanes, one at a time, and repeat the process.
  6. Once you have washed all the paths, you can advantageously give them a hair treatment once and leave them for 5-10 minutes, to give the hair extra care.
  7. After rinsing your hair free of cure, apply conditioner to the hair so that the cuticles settle down. It makes the hair soft and much easier for you to style.
  8. Rinse the hair thoroughly and place it on a towel to allow it to air dry. Be sure to spread the hair out on the towel. That way it dries faster.
  9. Feel free to smooth your extensions once in a while. This causes the hair layer to settle down and the hair feels soft and becomes more pliable. Remember heat protection before applying heat to the hair.

The hair does not tolerate salt or chlorine water. The warranty is void if this is present in the hair during testing.

  1. The hair can in principle be dyed, but it is at your own risk. The warranty is void upon staining.
  2. In order for us to provide a 1 month warranty on the hair, proper care must be used.
  3. There will be longer durability on the dark colors versus the light ones.
  4. The longer the extensions, the more care and maintenance.
  5. Use hair treatment at every hair wash. Let it sit for longer than indicated on the instructions. If the hair becomes very dry, then you can moisten the hair lightly before bedtime, get the hair treatment in and let the hair treatment sit in the hair overnight. The next day, rinse your hair thoroughly. Use oil in the lengths.
  6. Wash your hair, max 3 times a week.
  7. Use shampoo first, then cure and finally conditioner. Seal the hair with oil.
  8. Do not ride too much in the hair when it is wet. The cuticles are open and it wears on the hair. Use your fingers instead. Then ride with your brush from the bottom up. The hair filters the most when it is wet.
  9. Do not use unnecessary heat on the hair.

Always divide the hair into the layers they are applied to. This applies when you blow-dry, comb or straighten your hair.

In the night

Never sleep with your clip on extensions at night! It can damage your hair extensions, but especially your own hair.

How do I store my hair extensions when I am not using them?

When not using your hair extensions, straighten them out and set them aside. Then they are ready for use next time. You can put a loose elastic band around them so that they do not become ugly and filtered. Make sure that your hair extensions are completely dry before you possibly. put them in a bag or closed container. If they are wet, they will rot.

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