What are Seamless Hair Extensions?

Seamless Clip-On extensions consist of silicone-based webs that are specially designed to look like tape extensions, but with clips. They are comfortable to wear in the hair due to their light weight, and can be laid completely flat to the scalp, making them easy to hide.

Are your hair extensions real hair?

Yes, all hair on nythaar.dk is 100% real human hair. The quality is Remy Hair, which means that all hair strands turn in the same downward direction. It prevents the hair from filtering and clumping together.


It depends on several factors. What color the hair is. The dark colors last longer than the light ones. And of course if it is cared for properly.


Yes we offer 1 month warranty on our extensions. If the test of the extension hair shows that there is chlorine water, color or salt water in the hair, the warranty is waived.

How long must my own hair be to apply clips in extensions?

As a rule of thumb, it is commonly said that if your hair is 5 cm from your shoulders, hair extensions will fit you just fine.

Do you have to smooth and curl your extensions?

Yes, it is 100% real hair extensions so you can treat it as you would treat your own. Just remember to use a heat protection product so you do not burn the hair off and ruin it. Feel free to use a good hair treatment once in a while, to give it extra care if it is curly / straightened often.

How often should I wash my extensions?

We recommend that you wash your extensions every 6-7 times you have used them.

Can you dye your hair extensions?

In principle yes. It is real hair of the best quality. However, the warranty is void, so it is at your own risk.

When will I receive my order?

If we have your order before 14.00 on weekdays, we will ship the same day. Otherwise it will be sent the next working day.

How many times can I use my lashes?

They can be used up to 25 times with proper care and application.

How do I remove the glue from my lashes?

There is silicone in the glue so it is easy to remove with your fingers.