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Product details:

  • 100% Real Indian Remy Hair
  • A set consists of 1 lane
  • Available in 120 g distributed on 27.5 cm silicone-based web with 5 sewn-on clips to ensure that the hair sits where it should.
  • 45 cm long
  • Two detachable and adjustable nylon thread (Halo) included

      Here's how you do it:

      • Divide your hair into horizontal sections with a comb and set up the top third of your hair with a clip
      • At each end of the thread sits a small, flat hook that you insert and secure in the loops along the silicone-based web.
      • Put on Halo Wire Extensions so that your extensions run along behind the back of your head and neck.
      • For extra security, attach the clips to your hair by bending them until you hear a click. Remember to toupee the hair at the scalp at the parting.
      • Release the hair and let it fall down over the strand. Haircut across the course.

      Beautiful and Full Ponytail

      Halo Hair Extension can also be used to get a nice full ponytail - and it only takes a few minutes to set the hairstyle, which in English is called a "ponytail wrap".

      • Divide your hair into two sections, and make a ponytail of the back section.
      • Attach the first clip on the web to the elastic, fold your extension around until you reach the last clip, and also attach it to the elastic.
      • Use the loose section of hair to cover the clips. Here you can either pull the loose section over the ponytail, and use one more elastic - or spin it around the clips, and staple with hairpins.

      When using straighteners and curling irons, remember to use a heat-protective spray - both on your own hair and your Seamless Hair Extension.