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A set consists of 1 lane:

1 x 22.5 cm (5 clips)

A detachable and adjustable halo-wire. Perfect for all head sizes and preferences.

Product details:

  • Available in packages to either 70 grams.
  • Available in length 45 cm


  • Hair Of Highest Quality . Seamless Hair Extensions consists of 100% genuine, Indian Remy hair and is what you call ” double drawn ”. The fact that it is real human hair means that it lasts longer, and that you can style it with, for example, a straightener. That it is double drawn (instead of singles drawn ) means that have reviewed one extra sorting in production where the shorter hairs have been sorted from so that the finished extension is evenly full from root to tip.

    Easy to install with both Clips and Halo Wire

    Hybrid-Inches could not be easier to attach. If you have your hair down, you can put it on two ways:

    • You can attach it under a hair section with the easy, small clips and straighten the section back into place. Remember to toupee your hair under the hair section so that the clips fit better.
    • You can attach it with Halo Wire, which is an invisible string you can attach to your extension (Halo Wire included). Here you take the string around your head so that your extension lies down along your back head and neck. The cord should not sit down in the forehead, but lie just above your hairline at the forehead. Then save the tufts over the string until it can no longer be seen. Alternatively, you can make a parting just above the ear all the way around, and put the Halo Wire in the parting, and then comb your hair down over.

    Beautiful and Full Ponytail

    Hybrid-Inches can also be used to get a nice full ponytail - and it only takes a few minutes to set the hairstyle, which in English is called a "ponytail wrap".

    • Divide your hair into two sections, and make a ponytail of the back section.
    • Attach the first clip on the web to the elastic, fold your extension around until you reach the last clip, and also attach it to the elastic.
    • Use the loose section of hair to cover the clips. Here you can either pull the loose section over the ponytail, and use one more elastic - or spin it around the clips, and staple with hairpins.

    When using straighteners and curling irons, remember to use a heat-protective spray - both on your own hair and your Seamless Hair Extension.